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We are excited to share Big History with everyone and want to begin by contacting all of our friends.  There is so much to tell and we hope you enjoy being a part of our email list and encourage you to share our updates with friends, students, and colleagues and let them know they can join our free subscription email list to learn more about Big History.  To begin, please find the following letter from David Christian, IBHA President…
Dear Friend,
This email is to invite you to consider joining the recently established International Big History Association (IBHA). 
As you know, Big History is a new and rapidly growing field of education and research that studies the whole of the past.  Big History teaches and explores a unified and universal account of the past that is emerging within modern scientific scholarship, by linking the accounts of origins developed in cosmology, physics, chemistry, geology, biology, anthropology, human history, and many other related disciplines.  Those of us who teach and research in the field have all learned the power of an account of the past that breaks down the intellectual siloes within which most teaching and research is conducted in today’s world.  Such unified accounts of origins have played a vital role in all human cultures, but the Big History story is unique because it is the first global account of origins and the first to be based on the findings of modern scientific scholarship.
The IBHA was founded in 2010 at a workshop organized by Walter Alvarez at the Coldigioco Geological Observatory in the Apennine Mountains of Italy;  held its first conference in August 2012, at Grand Valley State University in Michigan; and will hold its second conference at Dominican University in San Rafael, California, in August 2014.  It is through these opportunities that the IBHA continues to provide a network linking scholars and teachers throughout the world who are committed to the goals of Big History.  The formal purpose of the IBHA, according to its statutes, is: “to promote, support and sponsor the diffusion and improvement of the academic and scholarly knowledge of the scientific field of endeavour commonly known as ‘Big History’ by means of teaching and research and to engage in activities related thereto."
There are many exciting developments in the field of Big History, and a fast-growing body of publications in the field, including a selection of papers from the first IBHA conference in 2014.  Big History courses are now being taught in the USA, Australia, Korea, the Netherlands, and there is interest in teaching Big History in many other countries, including India and China.  Dominican University in San Rafael has created the first freshman program built entirely around the Big History story.  This is a pioneering model for a unified, trans-disciplinary introductory course to college education.  The first college level textbook on Big History will be published later in 2013 by McGraw-Hill, and that will surely encourage more colleges and Universities to consider introducing Big History courses as the ideal trans-disciplinary freshman course.  The Big History Project, funded by Bill Gates, is developing a free on-line syllabus in Big History for high schools.  This is currently being piloted at almost 100 high schools in the US, Australia, Scotland, the Netherlands, Korea and elsewhere, and will be made available to everyone in late 2013.
As a member of the IBHA you will join a rapidly growing community of scientists, educators, scholars, writers and artists who are excited by and committed to developing this new field.  As a member of the IBHA you will have access to the monthly IBHA Newsletter, to recent news on developments in the field, and will be kept up to date on plans for future conferences.  For anyone considering introducing new courses or research programs in Big History, membership of the IBHA will offer the powerful support of networks that include most people who are active in the field.
To get more information about the IBHA and visit us on Facebook, please click on the links below. 
Thank you,

David Christian
President, IBHA
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